im braddy, 21 and i live in florida

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just saying try to appreciate what u have it helps

well understand that i use this as my personal blog and very rarely do i use it and the fact that you’re giving me shit for complaining about problems that i’ve had to deal with makes you a complete asshole. you could instead give me consent instead of smart comments. i do appreciate what i have. you honestly know nothing about me apart from what i put on here.  what makes you think you can judge? you’re just as little as i am in this world.

Jul 23 2014

sounds like ur taking it for granted

sounds like you wouldn’t understand since you’re not in my position.

whats your deal kid? i don’t understand you.

Jul 23 2014

i’m annoyed with life because it keeps hitting me constantly. i was in a car crash in my friends car 3 days ago while we were on vacation. i was driving to a friends to pick up some show tickets and this fucking lady next to my lane decides to switch to my lane and rams into me causing 2k in car damage. 

lady says its her fault. i have witnesses that can vouch for me when the husband came up and said it was their fault. the lady even told the cop it was their fault!!!! and then one thing goes from another and the fucking lady says “i don’t know who hit who” 

what kind of mediocre bullshit from a well-balanced lady is that. 

Jul 23 2014

people don’t understand how crucial it is to take care of your body. you’re not overweight because it’s in the “genes”. and i hear this excuse all the time. you’re fat because you honestly don’t care. and don’t give me that “i don’t have enough time” shit. you have time. everyone has time for something they want/feel the need to achieve. 

god. i can go on. but i won’t.

Jul 23 2014